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Lily close up
Pulling her hair back into a pony tail, Lily Potter stood at the door of the bedroom of her deceased in-laws. Having taken to using James old room since they had inherited the house months earlier, Lily and James had slowly made the house theirs room by room. Now, all that remained was the master bedroom.

"I have no idea what we are going to do with this room," she muttered to herself as she opened the door. With Harry down for a nap, and James at work, Lily found herself with little to do and decided that it was time to finally do something with that room.

Opening the door, Lily pushed one of the boxes aside that she had brought up earlier. Pulling out her wand, she waved it and watched as the items flew into the boxes. When they were full, Lily muttered a charm and sent them up to the attic. "For safe keeping until we decide what to do with everything."

Jumping as the door creaked, she turned her head to see Harry's kitten make her way into the room. "Hello - have you come to keep me company?" Lily asked the kitten as she cocked her head to make sure Harry was still asleep.

"I am cleaning the room. Haven't decided what we are going to do with it, but, something needs to be done. I don't think I want to sleep in it," Lily admitted to the kitten as she jumped up onto the bed and began cleaning her fur.

"Perhaps we can turn it into a guest room, or a play room for Harry," the witch mused, liking how close it was to her and James room. I'll have to suggest it to James when he gets home tonight," Lily decided as she continued shrink and send the items in the room up to the attic.
Lily close up
Tying the string around the final box containing the last of the wedding cake samples, Lily pulled out her wand and shrunk them to a size the waiting owl could comfortably carry the long distance to where her best mate was on vacation. Still determined to convince Sirius and Dorcus the best thing they could do was to get married before this new baby, the witch decided to up the anti and "hit where she knew would make an impact"

"Wedding cake."

Sitting down at the table, she picked up her quill.

Dear Dorcus

How are you? How are you feeling? I hope everyone is having a splendid vacation. I think I am going to try to convince James to go somewhere warm for vacation at some point. It's quite cold here, I think a break would be nice.

I was talking to James and I's wedding planner the other day. Ran into him in Hogsmeade. He and I got to talking and the subject of you and Sirius came up. I know that for some reason you are reluctant to marry Sirius, but, marriage isn't a bad thing. Truly.

"And look, you can have the most amazing wedding cake. To prove that point I have sent along some of the cake samples that he had the chef whip up for you both. Get married, and James and I will buy you the biggest and most delicious wedding cake you and Sirius can think of.

Please try what I have sent along and let me know what you think? I am sure that with the cakes that are in the boxes, you and Sirius can agree on something.

See you when you return,


Closing the missive, she attacked it to the large box and handed the to the owl. "Don't give me that look. I know it's a long way to fly, but it's important. Just insist they give you something to eat before you come back. I know there will be lots to eat, and Sirius will be more then happy to share," the witch smirked as she opened the window and watched the disgruntled owl fly off with it's heavy package.
Lily close up
Groaning softly as the morning rays of sunlight hit her face, she cracked open an eye and looked at the clock on the table beside the bed. "Morning comes to early," she groaned, thinking how they only get to bed a few hours earlier.

Sitting up, she patted James on the shoulder. "Time to get up - its Christmas morning." Lily pushed back the covers and padded over to the closet. Opening it up, she pulled out the bag she had hidden and took out the three pairs of Pajama's, laying James' new set at the end of the bed, she quietly left the room.

Making her way across the hall, Lily opened the door to her son's room and smiled when she saw him standing up in his crib. Happy Christmas sprout," she grinned as he reached out for her. "Lets get dressed and see if we can get down stairs and beat your daddy to the Christmas tree," Lily asked her son as she picked him up and took him to his change table.
8th-Jul-2009 11:10 pm - Late evening - Potter house
Lily close up
Checking on their son, for what had to be the tenth time in the last few hours, Lily pulled the blanket up to his shoulders and kissed him on the forehead. "Sleep well my little sprout," she murmured.

Picking up her wand, she double checked the wards on his window before going across the hall to the master bedroom where James was waiting. "Harry's down for the night. I double checked all the wards, and every thing's locked up tight. We should be good for the night.

"Was the sandwich ok? I can make you another one if you are still hungry."

Sitting down on the side of the bed, she looked toward the door. "Maybe I should go check the wards one last time," she exclaimed, still on edge over what happened to their friends a few weeks earlier
11th-May-2009 11:01 pm - Settling in for the night
Lily close up
Wand in hand, Lily Potter walked from window to window on the first floor of her and James' home as she checked the wards. Checking the front door one last time, Lily turned and made her way upstairs.

Double checking the windows upstairs, the witch let out a sigh as stopped in front of the the master bedroom where Harry was fast asleep in the bed.

Finding herself more on edge since the attack on the cottage, Lily had resorted to allowing Harry to sleep with her when James was working nights.

Letting herself into the room, Lily smiled at her son who was asleep in the middle of the bed, his butt in the air. ""We are snug as a bug," she whispered to the little boy as she smoothed away his hair and pressed a kiss to his head.

"We can't be to vigilant," she thought to herself as she climbed into the bed. Knowing that they were no doubt safe, but deciding it was better to be safer then sorrier. Tucking her wand under her pillow, Lily picked up Harry's baby book and opened it.

Smiling as she flipped through the pages that marked each month of her son's life, she stopped at the last page and picked up the smashed wildflower that harry had "picked" for her earlier in the day.

"There is not much left, but at least we'll have an account of the first flower he picked me," Lily thought to her self as she began to arrange the flower, intent on getting this newest baby book page finished before going to bed.
Lily close up
Grinning to herself as she thought of her husband’s surprised look when she told him that Harry was spending the night with his parents so she could give him his one last belated birthday gift.

The witch had avoided his questions as to what it was, by hurrying to the bathroom and telling him to meet her in their bedroom in thirty minutes. Now, almost thirty minutes later, Lily Potter slid her stockings on before making her way to the mirror

Turning side to side in the full-length mirror of her and James bathroom, she straightened the sheer fabric material of the short teddy she had just put on before adjusting the matching thong. “Can’t believe the call this thing underwear,” she muttered to herself as she stepped into the high heel shoes that were by the door.

Satisfied with the way she looked, Lily made her way into the bedroom, hoping that her husband hadn’t found the tubes of chocolate paint and the flavoured massage oil that she had hidden under her pillow.
28th-Feb-2009 11:20 pm - Did he do that.....
Lily close up
Shifting Harry to her other arm, Lily sighed as she buttoned her robes. "I wish you could tell me what you want," your not wet, your not hungry, you just got up from a nap, you don't want to walk, " she muttered to her fussy son as she got up and gently bounced him as she walked across the room to where she had a blanket laid on the floor with some of his toys.

Sinking to her knees, Lily moved several toys and his soother out of the way before placing him on his stomach. "There you go, you like playing with your toys," she cooed as she picked up his rattle and briefly shook it before giving it to him.

"All right, my little sprout, mummy needs to check on dinner. You stay here and play and your daddy will be down in a minute. He's missed seeing you up and about," she smiled as she bent down and kissed the top of his head before getting to her feet.

Wanting to take advantage of James' rare evening off, Lily had decided to make a pizza and eat in the study so James would have a chance to play and spend time with their son before Harry had to go down for the night.

Pausing at the stairs, she yelled up at her husband who had gone up stairs to change out of his work robes, "James... Harry's in the study playing with his toys. I have to check on the pizza in the oven, I'll be back in a minute.
Lily close up
Padding softly across the floor of the den, Lily Potter stopped in front of a stack of boxes. Finding the box she wanted, she pulled it down and sat it on the floor. Quickly Rummaging through it, she pulled out the jar of salve she had been looking for. “That should do the trick.” She muttered to herself as she stood up and made her way to the bathroom.

Smiling at her husband who was sitting in the bath, Lily knelt down on the floor beside him. Opening the jar, Lily reached for one of James bloodied and bruised hands.

“I just floo’d your mum. She says Harry is good and had just gone down for the night. I told her that we’d be there to pick him up first thing in the morning,” the witch explained as she started to smear the cream on his hand.

“I am very glad that we are home. The last week was the longest one of my life,” she admitted, thinking of the days she had sat at home worrying about him before setting off to find them with Dorcus and Alice.

“Are you terribly upset that we – that I – came looking for you?”
28th-Jan-2009 10:37 pm - private thoughts
Lily close up
Raking a hand through her hair, Lily Potter eyed the bedroom full of boxes. “If I never see another box again it will be too soon,” she thought miserably to herself. Feeling overwhelmed at all of the boxes that filled every room in her house, the witch had been spending what little free time she had when Harry was sleeping trying to make sense of it all.

Having decided to do what James had asked, and not do all the unpacking by herself, the witch had instead, decided to focus on putting their bedroom to rights.

“I can deal with the boxes in the rest of the house,” she told herself. “But I need to be able to sleep in peace, in a clean, organized, bedroom.

Turning her attention to the box in front of her, she pulled off the tape. “Still don’t know how we managed to end up with as much stuff as we have.” Opening the box, Lily’s brow raised in surprise as she looked down at the little, ugly, black fuzzy lamp that had become the bane of her existence.

Bloody hell- how did you end up in this box?” she asked the lamp as she picked it up, wondering if the box had been mislabelled. Eyes widening in horror as a thought occurred to her, she shook her head. “James can’t think he’s going to keep this thing in here, can he?”

“No – absolutely not.” Taking the lamp, she strode out of the room and down to the basement where the boxes labelled odds and ends had been placed. Opening the nearest box, she shoved it in it, before sealing it back up.

“There – if I am lucky he will forget all about the thing and it can stay down here for good,” she thought to herself as she picked up the box and shoved it in the darkest corner of the basement she could find.

Satisfied it was momentarily out of her hair, Lily started up the stairs when she heard her son cry.

“Oh – I guess unpacking will have to wait.”

“It’s ok Harry – Your mum is coming,” she called out as she hurried up the stairs to get her son before he really started to wail.
20th-Jan-2009 10:50 pm - boxes boxes and more boxes.....
Lily close up
Looking down at her almost sleeping son, Lily continued to rock him as she waited for him be in a sound sleep. Sighing, the witch thought back to the busy day. Having had help from Remus, Alice and several of their friends from the order, she and James made their move from their flat to their new home in Godrick Hollow.

Lifting her head, and looking about the room filled with boxes, Lily found her stress level began to rise as she wondered where the basic things she would need where, let alone how she was going to go about getting everything put away in the days to come.

“Bloody hell,” I don’t even know where Harry’s nappy’s are,” she moaned to herself. Deciding she needed to at least find the things she needed to get through the night, she got to her feet and laid Harry in the bassinet next to her and James bed.

Readjusting her robes and bra, the witch turned and made her way into the living room.

“James -,” Lily called out as she walked into the living room. “Harry’s down for a while – Can you help me find his nappys and sleepers. Oh and we need to find the face cloths, towels and toiletries.

“We need to find this stuff – before we go to bed for the night. I can’t sleep without having a shower, and Harry needs his things,” she exclaimed, not missing how her husband was sprawled on the sofa.
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